Tanduay CLX 700ML

This limited edition rum pays tribute to all the men and women behind Tanduay’s over 160 years of craftsmanship, leadership and excellence. This rum is produced from the finest Philippine sugarcane, nurtured to perfection in oak barrels to create rum with distinctly smooth, sweet, and rounded oak character that is the hallmark of Tanduay’s tradition as one of the world’s finest rum maker.

Alcohol Content 80 Proof, 40% alc. / vol.
Color Dark amber
Nose Thin aromas of orange and peach with mild vanilla and toffee background
Taste Gentle taste of citrus orange, hint of apple and peach
Body Mellow, smooth and dry
Finish Medium dry finish with hint of cinnamon, tobacco and vanilla
Ageing Blend of rums aged up to 15 years in ex-bourbon barrel