Ginto Barrel-Aged Gin 600 ml

Ginto Barrel-Aged Gin

A blend of neutral spirit and natural flavors of juniper berries, coriander and orange oils, Ginto is a complex mix of sweet and spicy flavors with hints of fresh botanicals. With a distinct golden sunset color only achieved after being aged in oakwood barrels for six months. Ginto is testament of Tanduay Distillers’ gold standard in blended and aged spirits. Best enjoyed over a glass of ice. Come and discover a new world of gin.

Alcohol Content 72 Proof, 36% alc. / vol.
Color Golden Amber
Nose Juniper, Orange Peel and Coriander
Taste Slight sweet taste with hints of citrus, juniper berry and woody notes
Body Mellow, smooth and dry
Finish Smoothly cascading with hings of pepper, juniper and grapefruit
Ageing Aged in oakwood barrels for six months