Barman Amaretto Sour Cocktail Concentrate 250 ml

Barman Amaretto Sour Cocktail Concentrate

JUST ADD 1L of WATER. The less water you add, the stronger it gets.

Your cocktail experience just got easier and better! Whether you’re just party hopping or just chilling the night away, Barman’s Amaretto Sour has your back. Just add water and enjoy this classic cocktail, a blend of rum with flavors of amaretto and citrus fruits wherever you go.

Alcohol Content 100 Proof, 50% alc. / vol.
Color Clear, transparent, bright orange
Nose Aromas of fresh cherries, lemon, vanilla and candied almond
Taste Flavor balance of sweet amaretto and sour lemon with sweet almond cherry taste that finishes with fruity and nutty caramel