Tanduay Superior Year Of The Dragon [LIMITED EDITION]

Made from select aged rums and blended with Tanduay's 12-year-old aged rum reserve. Carefully aged in oak wood barrels and meticulously blended to create rum with tastes of caramel, oak wood, and pepper with gentle sweep of nuts and coconut.

Alcohol Content 80 Proof, 40% alc. / vol.
Color Bright bronze
Nose Molasses followed by rising fruit notes of orange peel and banana then toasted walnut
Taste Caramel, oak wood, pepper with gentle sweep of nuts and coconut
Body Fresh light to medium body
Finish Medium to long dry finish with flavors of molasses and cocoa
Ageing Made with rum aged for two years blended with 12-year-old aged rum



2014 Gold Medal, Monde Selection

2012 Gold Medal, Monde Selection

2011 Gold Medal, Monde Selection

2004 Silver Medal, Monde Selection

2000 Silver Medal, Monde Selection