Boracay Rum 750 ml (Cappuccino)

Smooth Philippine white rum gets some attitude with the unique kick of cappuccino. Suit the flavor to your mood whether you take it straight, on the rocks or mixed. Boracay Rum captures the island experience. Choose to party and let yourself loose on the dance floor with the creamy taste of cappuccino with a rich taste of coffee, grated coconut milk and hint of fudge brownies. With 25% alcohol content, you can be sure that the party will never stop! It’s one beach vacation after another with every sip of Boracay rum.

Alc. / Vol 25%
Color Clear, Colorless
Nose Sweet, creamy coffee with light scent of tart and grated coconut milk
Body Sweet light to medium body
Taste A sweet creamy coffee with a rich blend of brown sugar and fudge brownies
Finish Smooth caramel coffee and light creamy coconut finish